Behind The Scenes — rehearsal at the conservatory Bern, upload 2012

Concert for Antonio Janigro, Zagreb, May 4, 2009. Cellists: Thomas Demenga, Mario Brunello, Michael Flaksman, Antonio Meneses, Gustavo Tavares, Giovanni Sollima, Enrico Dindo and Julius Berger, published: 04.08.2009

Live in December 2012, Brunnen SZ, Switzerland. EFEU has been written for the Emanuel Feuermann Grand Prix 2010 in Berlin. See also: Thomas Demenga explains EFEU, published: 07.04.2013

Cello Jazz solo in «relations» double concerto for 2 cellos and orchestra by Thomas Demenga. Rehearsing possible solo with pianist James Alexander, published: 07.04.2013

Thomas and Patrick Demenga: “Redshift” by Barry Guy Redshift happens when a partical of light (photon) tries to escape from a gravitational field losing energy in the process. Since photons always travel at the speed of light, the only place where this energy loss can show up is in a change of frequency. The frequency of the photon decreases to longer wave lengths this is the “red shift”. A simple resumé of a term in a hugely complex and awe inspiring subject.